All about In the Rain.

In the Rain was created on May 24, 2018. I had wanted to create a tribute for Mikleo ever since Zestiria came out, but never quite got around to it. Then, the wonderful Megan of contacted me to see if I would like to adopt the Mikleo fanlisting from her. I was ecstatic to do so, and decided that I should also work on that tribute while I was at it! :')

I have always been a huge fan of the JRPG genre of games, and my brother convinced me to get into the Tales series years ago. Now I'm the one still obsessing over it, and he's moved on. xD; When the promotional materials for Zestiria were released, I found myself drawn to Mikleo's character design. Then, when the promotional OVA came out, I found myself drawn to his character - his competitiveness, his relationship with Sorey, his unlimited snark (which always gets me into a character) - and wanting to learn more about him. That is what drew me in. What kept me was the deeper aspects of his character - his devotion, his passion, his ability to support those he loves.

The website name In the Rain has pretty obvious origins, since Mikleo is a seraphim with control over water. The name changed a ton of times until I finally settled on this one. I think that water is a perfect element to represent Mikleo, as it can be calming and gentle, or terrifying and tumultuous.

For current layout information, please see the front page. If you are interested in seeing previous versions of this website, you can find them at my layout archive.