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Hello and welcome to In the Rain, a small tribute and TFL/AFL approved fanlisting for Mikleo of Bandai Namco's video game and anime series Tales of Zestiria. The childhood friend of protagonist Sorey, Mikleo is what is known as a Seraph, a being of purity and benevolence invisible to most of the world. He is young for his kind, yet has a masterful command over his element of water and ice and a penchant for exploring ruins. This website will primarily focus on the content found in the video game, and exists to analyze Mikleo's personality and motivations throughout the series. Please feel free to take a look around!
8(+0) fans | December 05th 2020
This tribute is currently under construction. Please excuse any filler or missing pages.
This site contains unmarked spoilers and non-explicit slash content.
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You are currently browsing version one of Beneath the Rain. I've always wanted to make a tribute for Mikleo, and the motivation to do so arose when the lovely Megan of hylia.org offered to adopt Mikleo's fanlisting to me. Thank you so much!! :') I found this lovely image of Mikleo on minitokyo.net. I used resources from anamcr@DA, anliah@DA, missesglass@DA, and Subtlepatterns. The fonts used throughout are Aller and Compass.